Researching Relationships Between Truck Travel Time Performance Measures and On-network and Off-network Characteristics


Based on current trends, it is expected that transportation of freight by truck will increase from 13.2 billion tons in 2012 to 18.8 billion tons in 2040. It is only anticipated that the percent of people who will be relying on online shopping and home delivery will increase over time. This will reduce travel (and travel time) associated with shopping trips during certain days of the week and times of the day. Contrarily, online shopping will lead to an increase in freight volume. This increase in freight volume will only lead to an increase in truck traffic (primary mode of freight transportation), related congestion (truck travel time) and associated crashes (involving trucks) on United States roads. The main objective of this research is to examine the relationship between truck travel time performance measures with on-network and off-network characteristics. 

Principle Investigator: Srinivas S. Pulugurtha
Research Staff: Sarvani V. Duvvuri
Funding Agency: United States Department of Transportation / San Jose State University