Stormwater for Educators

Resources for:

Kindergarten to 6th Grade:

Stormwater Pollution Workbook: a portal offering overviews of stormwater, watersheds, and the hydrologic cycle, as well as activities, worksheets and interactive games. Produced by the NCDENR.

Nonpoint Source Pollution: an offering of games, wordsearches, articles and activities, and interactive flash games all about stormwater and water pollution. Produced by the EPA.

Stormwater Pollution Game: a picture search game where students look for sources of pollution, which are described when found. Produced by the NCDER.

Clean Waterways: information, games, and videos about stormwater and the hydrology of the US. Produced by the Stormwater Management Joint Task Force. 

Project WET: a list of resources available to teachers of all levels funded by the state to provide teachers with the tools to better teach water education. Produced by the NCDENR. 

6th Grade to College:

Stormwater and You: an excellent twelve page pdf which offers an overview of stormwater and the hydrologic cycle. There are games, activities, and take-home projects detailing how to help improve water quality at home. Produced by the NCDENR.

Drinking Water and Groundwater: a collection of instructional materials as well as games and activities for students of all ages. Produced by the EPA.

North Carolina's River Basins: relatively advanced information and interactive maps about watersheds and the hydrology of North Carolina. Produced by the NCDENR.

It's Our Water: instructional materials and other resources available to teachers for environmental and water resource education. Produced by It's Our Water.

Homeowners and Adults:

Stormwater Awareness: an excellent quick quide which explains stormwater, its impact on the environment, and what we as citizens can do to help. Produced by the NCDENR.

Improving Water Quality in Your Own Backyard: a detailed guide to sources of and solutions to stormwater pollution related to homeowners. Produced by the NCDENR.

Backyard Rain Gardens: a collection of rain garden templates and a discussion of the benefits of building and maintaining rain gardens. Produced by the North Carolina Cooperative Extension.

Rain Garden Templates: a collection of hundreds of templates and detailed instructions for building and maintaining your own rain garden. Produced by the Low Impact Development Center.

How to Build a Rain Barrel: a detailed but simple to follow guide to building your own rain barrel. Produced by the Environmental Services of the City of Portland.


NPDES TrainingCourses and Workshops: webcasts, online training classes, meeting registration, permitting requirements, regulatory updates: a one-stop-shop for learning stormwater regulations in North Carolina.