Increasing the Utilization of Weather Data for Safety Applications and Traveler Information


Weather is an influential factor affecting highway safety. Extreme weather conditions such as dense fog and heavy rain can directly affect the level of safety on a road. Visibility is critical to the task of driving and reduction in visibility due to fog is a major traffic operation and safety concern. Fog has caused severe crashes over the years, and drivers are often caught unaware due to sudden reductions in visibility. For motorists, the lack of timely data about potential foggy conditions poses a significant threat. As the distance between a point of interest and the nearest weather station increases, the likelihood of accurately assessing the weather conditions for that location decreases. The objective of this project was to explore available weather datasets and develop models to predict visibility for traveler information systems.

Principle Investigators: Venkata R. Duddu, Srinivas S. Pulugurtha
Other Investigators: Christopher M. Godfrey, Matthew D. Eastin
Research Staff: Ajinkya S. Mane, Jacob Radford
Funding Agency: United States Department of Transportation