Modeling the Influence of Land Use Developments on Transportation System Performance


The growth in the urban population has influenced urban sprawl, congestion, and subsequently, delays on the existing road infrastructure. New land use developments occur in every part of the city due to rapid economic development and to meet the demand for better living standards. The induced traffic volume generated from such land use developments often results in increased congestion and vehicular delay on the existing roads. With recent advancements in the technology, it is possible to capture continuous, and comprehensive travel time data for every major corridor in a city. The main objective of this research was to model the influence of land use developments on travel time variations to improve the mobility of people and goods. The results obtained indicate that land use developments have a significant influence on travel times.

Principle Investigator: Srinivas S. Pulugurtha
Research Staff: Ajinkya S. Mane
Funding Agency: United States Department of Transportation / San Jose State University