Commercial Remote Sensing & Spatial Information (CRS & SI) Technologies Program for Reliable Transportation Systems Planning

The goal of the research project was to develop and validate spatial information technologies for reliable transportation systems planning. The research project involved data gathering, development of tools and query applications for data processing and fusion, and development of decision support system (DSS) tools to assess and report link-level reliability, rank and identify unreliable corridors for project selection, and examine the effect of incidents for management and re-routing traffic.

Principle Investigator:  Srinivas S. Pulugurtha
Research Staff:  Venkata R. Duddu, Kamalkannan Elangovan, RM Zahid Reza, Md Shah Imran, Pooya Najaf, Rahul C. Pinnamaneni, Ravi K. Puvvala, Vinay R. Thokala, Sai Venkata Nallimilli
Funding Agency:  North Carolina Department of Transportation